About Shade Away™

Shade Away™ is a Hypertonic Saline Tattoo Removal Solution. 

Shade Away™ was developed over a span of 3 years. I kept noticing that other methods of tattoo removal, such as laser, lactic acid and creams were either not working or were causing scaring on the skin and making matters worse. I tried different brands of saline removal and just couldn’t get good results. 

I began to research types of salt and other lifting and healing ingredients and studied how I could get better results in lifting colour out of unwanted tattoos. 

My formulation is a higher salt content than other products on the market and it causes pigment to loosen and release from the skin and move towards the surface of the skin, scab and flake away, without causing scaring and reactions. 

How Shade Away™ works

It guarantees great and fast results no matter the complexity of your tattoo, without using laser on the skin just by using a saline solution and 55 or 88 needles.

It only works its magic on the surface of the skin without penetrating the dermis or forming any crust, or pain or scars or any effect on eyebrows hair follicles. And the person can live life normally, shower, spa, and do any physical activities among others.

The product can be use for Permanent Make up, Microblading, Body Tattoos and Scalp Micro pigmentation.

*For professional use only. Not to be distributed without the official Shade Away™ Training and permissions.